Here at All Saints’ Primary School, we pride ourselves on our robust student music program.



Music is alive in the mountains!

All Saints’ has a strong understanding of the science and positive effects that learning to read music has on the brain. We offer a robust music program from kindergarten through to Year 6. In the early years, children explore beat and rhythm through rhyme and movement. They also explore basic music notation when bucket drumming and playing the glockenspiel or recorder as a class.

Small group instrumental tuition is offered from Years 3 and 4. Instruments offered are piano, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet and percussion. Tuition is heavily subsidized, ensuring all students may participate. The music room provides a social hub for many students, a safe space for practice and the development of social connections.

Instrumental students also participate in our school band and small ensembles, performing whenever the opportunity arises.

Year 6 students have the opportunity to apply for leadership positions as music leaders, helping to co-ordinate and develop the band program, even conducting the junior band.

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